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Filby Builders offers a comprehensive range of design, construction and refurbishment services to ensure that we can fully complete your project. From design and planning through demolition and rebuild to final fit-out of fixtures and fittings, we can fulfil every stage of the job to help you achieve your dream home. 


Any construction work of a high standard starts with good planning; if the foundations are strong, the build will be solid. We start by discussing your requirements and assessing the various ways of achieving them. We listen to your ideas and evolve solutions based on construction methods, practicality and budget. 

We can work direct with you or with any architects appointed by you. If the job requires it, we can bring in our team of architects to help solve design issues and to make sure that everyone is singing from the same blueprint.

We we have the main construction agreed, we will help you decide on the finish, including colours, fabrics, tiles, lighting and flooring. We can help guide you towards quality products from reputable suppliers, always with a watchful eye on your budget. 

Filby Builders Design
Filby Builders Planning


When enlarging your residential living space, much of the work will require planning permission and/or building regulations approval including:

  • New buildings (except agricultural buildings)
  • Extensions no matter how small
  • Some conservatories and porches
  • Loft conversions, roof extensions, balconies and roof terraces
  • Basements and basement extensions
  • Garage conversions

Filby Builders can help you ensure that your renovation adheres to both local planning control and building regulations and we can help with filing applications. We have a good working relationship with the Brighton planning office and can make recommendations to ensure your application is successful.


Filby Builders makes sure the construction of your project is safe, secure and sure-handed. Any demolition is carried out under strict supervision and the removal of all materials (including and dangerous substances such as asbestos) is carried out according to safety standards. Our skilled team can operate a wide range of mechanical devices to speed the construction process up and power utilities can be removed, re-routed or renewed. 

We can undertake a wide range of residential construction projects including extensions, loft conversions, conservatories, balconies, staircases, velux windows and patio doors. 

Filby Builders Construction
Filby Builders Kitchens


Once the roof’s back on, the windows are in and the main construction has been completed, our job has only just started. Next we’ll start work on the refurbishment of the interior and any exterior features. We can fully fit new kitchens, utility rooms, bathrooms and ensuite rooms including electrics, appliance installation and plumbing.

We look at storage areas and come up with often ingenious ideas to maximise the space for depositing your everyday belongings neatly and efficiently. The Filby Builders team particularly prides itself on its bespoke carpentry and joinery; any shelving, wall units, stair furniture and other tailored furnishings can be constructed on or off site and installed to your preference. It’s these finishing touches that make your project unique and will receive the most compliments. 

The finishing touches

Once the routers, drills and sanders have been packed away, it’s time for the finishing touches. You’ll often have had an idea about colour schemes before we started work but it’s not unusual to have a change of direction once you can see the added space and light.

Filby Builders has a team of master painter and decorators and they can make sure that your dream home gets the finish it deserves. Wall and floor tiling is usually carried out prior to decorating as is the laying of wooden, laminate and LVT flooring. 

New light fittings, switches, sockets and control panels can all be fitted to match the colour scheme. Our expert electrician can make sure that any new lighting matches the mood of your new space both during the day and at night. It’s the little things that count and we pay as much attention to the finer details as we do to the bricks, cement and wooden beams.


Filby Builders Flooring
Filby Builders Patio

External refurbishment

As our climate warms and the summers seem longer, people in the UK are increasingly looking to exploring the space outside their properties. Garden designers speak enthusiastically about ‘outdoor living’ and the ability to merge your indoor and outdoor spaces is highly sought after.

Whether you have a balcony or small patio or whether you have extensive grounds, Filby Builders can help you make the most of your exterior space so that you can potentially use it throughout the year. Patios, garden terracing, fencing, retaining walls, paths driveways and lawns can all be created for your enjoyment and relaxation.